Sometimes parents and school districts don’t agree about what services and programs a student with a disability requires in order to make educational progress.

  • Securing an independent educational evaluation
  • obtaining classification of your child as a student with a disability
  • Obtaining classification of your child as a student with a disability
  • Advocating for your child at an IEP meeting
  • Securing an appropriate educational setting
  • Obtaining appropriate educational services, such as physical therapy, speech & language therapy, physical therapy, counseling, hearing services, appropriate educational accommodations etc.
  • Securing a “Nickerson letter” (NYC residents)
  • Obtaining an appropriate waiver of immunication requirements & Section 504 plan
  • securing funding for an appropriate non-public school program
  • representing your child at a suspension hearing

A guardian can be either a person or an agency, who is appointed by the court to make decisions for an individual who is unable to make those decisions on his/her own (the “ward”). A guardian does not have to be a parent or a relative, although it can be.

  • Guardianship of the person –an individual appointed to make decisions regarding the health, education, and welfare of a ward.
  • Guardianship of the property –an individual appointed to make decisions about finances of a ward as directed by the judge.
  • Guardianship of the person and property –an individual appointed to make decisions regarding health, education, welfare and finances.
  • Guardian ad litem –an individual appointed by the court to act for the person during a court case when that individual cannot defend themselves or protect their own interests.

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