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Notice of Class Certification for J.S.M. v. NYC DOE
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Obtaining appropriate special education services for your child can often feel like an overwhelming process, if not a Herculean feat. In the best of situations, parents and their school districts will agree on what service, support, and classroom setting a student requires. However, when disagreements arise, a parent may find that it is best to seek assistance from someone knowledgeable about their rights and their child’s rights. The attorneys and staff at the Law Firm of Tamara Roff are prepared to help you navigate each step of your child’s education – from your son or daughter’s earliest evaluations as a preschool student, to their high school graduation, and every stage in between. We are here to act as the defender of your child’s right to a free, appropriate public education, but also realize that – as with raising a child – it takes a village. Our Firm will work closely with you and your child’s “team” (their teachers, related service providers, evaluators, doctors, etc.); we want to make sure that all involved are informed of their rights and responsibilities, so that your child receives the educational services they need. While we always first try to work collaboratively with your school district to come a solution, our team also includes experienced litigators who are prepared to advocate for your child at impartial due process hearings.

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lawyers outside of courthouse


lawyers outside of courthouse

Tamara Roff has over 15 years of experience working as an attorney fighting for appropriate educational opportunities for children with special needs. She has represented the families of hundreds of children in a variety of capacities, including advocacy at IEP meetings, mediation, and representation throughout the impartial hearing process. Ms. Roff has also represented parents in appeals to the New York State Review Officer and federal court. Ms. Roff represented the parents in the landmark decision Mr. and Mrs. A v. NYCDOE, which ensured that families with limited financial resources could seek direct tuition funding of an appropriate private school placement from their local school district when the school district failed to offer their child a free and appropriate public education.