Having to deal with the Dep't of Education about your child's IEP needs can be frustrating to say the least. You know what your child needs and rather than working with you for your child's best interest, it is like they are working against you. Three year ago the DoE declassified my daughter's IEP leaving her with no related services. My husband and I were beside ourselves trying to understand how the decision to remove OT and PT from a child who was born with one hand could be made. We decided to dispute their decision and move to an Impartial. We were so lucky to find ourselves in the offices of Tamara Roff. Tammi was absolutely amazing. She not only knows her way around SpEd law; that is a given. She actually took the time to really know and understand our daughter's disability and how it does and can affect not only her academics but also her social daily life skills. She worked with the physical and occupational therapists who had been working with our daughter for years so that she had as clear of a picture of our daughter's needs as we did. Tammi took the time to learn about our family and how we function together. When Tammi spoke on behalf of our daughter she spoke with our voice. We never expected this kind of attention to detail but because of it I never questioned Tammi's advice or decisions in handling our Impartial. Not only did we win the Impartial we know that the DoE heard our voice. I recommend Tammi Roff without a moment's pause or hesitation. She is a true advocate for children.