Tuneria Taylor, Esq. has been a godsend to my family, and has been the voice for our son Christopher who was diagnosed with a processing delay. She is truly an activist for school children diagnosed with learning disabilities. She is very honest, patient and thorough. We met with her to review our notes and Christopher's school records and discussed how we were forced to find a new school for Christopher because the NYC DOE was unable to provide him with his educational needs. She identified where the New York City Department of Education failed him and followed through to a successful outcome. After attempting to provide Christopher with the education that he rightfully deserved, NYC DOE told us that they were unable to provide the services he needed. However, they never offered an alternative solution or placement for him at an accredited educational institution. Taking matters into our own hands, we took him out and enrolled him in a private school, which provides differentiated instructional programming for children with specific learning disabilities. After paying tuition costs from our own funds, I was not reimbursed from our School District and was not given any assurance that we would be reimbursed. The NYC Department of Education abandoned our son. Seeking justice for our son and reimbursement for his very costly education costs, we turned to Ms. Tuneria Taylor. She took the time to explain all the steps of the proceedings and walked us through each step. She took Christopher's case, worked on his behalf for what was rightfully his, and ultimately tuition reimbursement was granted. Even after we were granted reimbursement and her work was essentially done, she has followed up to see how Christopher is doing.